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Schreiben Sie Publisching auch schon mit „sch“?

Immer häufiger liest man die Schreibweise Publisching. Die schwäbisch-englische Spezialschreibweise stammt aus Stuttgart, wo Michael Lutz die Codeware GmbH im Jahr 1995 gründete. Im Slogan formuliert die Stuttgarter Werkzeugschmiede sehr bewusst in schwäbischem Englisch „We love Publisching“.


+49 711 504 502 25

Referring to one source

When humans and machines work together with the right software Database Publishing becomes a win-win situation. Every human-made mistake – which usually happen in the beginning – is going to be eliminated. Through the automatization of the manufacturing process is it much easier to cultivate and maintain the data source. In this way the data source will become better over time and therefore the quality of the Print Touchpoints.


Imagine you would have a partner at your side that provides advice for every important decision you need to make. Someone, who is well informed, wants to support you and likes to look into subjects that are interesting to you. A great idea? Welcome to Codeware. Europe-wide is Codeware a pioneer in the field of Database Publishing. We love what we do. We want to support you with enthusiasm, ambition and know-how.

A modern and innovative way to work

The modern approach of catalogue production provides considerable advantages for your work. These methods are supposed to set new stimuli for more transparency, combined efforts as well as supporting general structures and processes. Thereby to support work results and teamwork. Your own strengths are going to be strengthen and your weaknesses are going to be eliminated as a result of those functions.

Key to success

We see ourselves more as a mentor. Mentoring means sharing knowledge and experience, where both parties ideally benefit from it – because: In a place where people work together and communicate, there is potential for improvement and space for growing together available. Our professionals want to help you to work faster and easier and also to prioritise the individual person.


Print touchpoints account for 20 per cent and are an important part of the customer journey. That shows print has an important influence on the path to the customer’s purchase decision.

A printed or published by electronic device summary of information. Automated cataloguing of data: product catalogs, exhibition catalogs up to library catalogs.

Serves the information and advertising. Most of the time it is a print product (in terms of a flyer and similar), more frequently is the prospectus as an e-prospectus.

A booklet of low extent and with content which is for the most part current. Everything is possible: image booklets, menu cards, leaflets, operating manuals and more.

Catalog with magazine character. It is a combination of a product catalog with price tags and editorial items – filled with news for every reader.

A tag with writing on it to stick on, to attach on or sew in. Information labels, cosmetic labels, barcode labels, packaging labels and others.

Serves to protect the packaged good, to portion as well as transporting. Countless possibilities such as: product packaging, packaging for shipping, service packaging and much more.

The digital version of a publication, enhanced with several additional functions, such as sitemaps, zoom functions and hyperlinks. Largely based on printed documents.

Is published by the producer and informs about specific characteristics, capabilities and technical information about a product. (Continuative: data books)

Informs and provides data about the Product e.g.: application manual, size chart, guideline to fault repair, user’s guide.

Most common and well-known form of direct advertising. It is known as the delivery of flyer, advertising prospects, catalogues and much more. Serves promotional reasons.

Contains important information for the consumer. The information carrier is going to be added to the medicinal product.

Means the publication process of printed products which has been used since the mid-1990s. The method is based on digital printing techniques.


The solutions – DATAPUBLISHING, TEAMPUBLISHING, ROBOPUBLISHING – create the basis for smooth database publishing.


Xactuell – the workplace solution

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Cockpit – the collaboration solution

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Xactuell Server – the generation engine

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